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25 Grandmillennial Style Must-Haves

Are you surprised to see a resurgence of florals, wallpaper, chinoiserie, and wicker everywhere? Don’t be! This is what House Beautiful coined as “grandmillennial style”. With big doses of pattern and texture, the grandmillennial style reflects individuality and departure from years of minimalism with all white and clean spaces. Not sure you are ready to jump on board with the granny chic trends of the grandmillennial style? Try these small additions to your home and wardrobe to test the waters!


Home Accents and Decor

Annette Handpainted Triptych


This beautiful hand-painted paneled artwork may be expensive, but is a timeless piece that offers a big impact. This oil triptych features birds, a birdcage, and flowering branches on a blue-grey background and a wood frame with a natural finish. This ready to hang, traditional art piece can be played in many decors but it especially complements the grandmillennial style. 

Floral Wall Art


These vintage, pink rose botanical prints are the epitome of “pretty things” you may have once found in your grandmother’s parlor. One of the changes we are seeing from previous generations to the new grandmillennial style is that we are applying the same aesthetics but in a much more livable, usable way. More common now, people do not want to have rooms that are off-limits to their family or use. With the ease and affordability of retailers like Amazon, this is much more attainable and realistic.


Finds for the Grandmillennial Style Kitchen

Disposable Dinner Plates


While everyone admires grandmother’s china, who wants to do the dishes? This is a beautiful spread for hosting large parties, small tea parties, or feeling special for a simple Tuesday lunch. These plates still have attention to detail and offer uniqueness while being disposable.

Vintage Etched Glasses


These vintage etched goblets are the same cups we swore we drank for years out of at our grandmother’s house. They are available in four beautiful colors and various sizes. We promise they will offer a dainty pop at your dinner party and can match any tablescape. 

Porcelain Tea Cup and Saucer


Trends are cyclical, even your grandmother’s china is back in fashion. Many folks following the grandmillennial style will say that this is not a trend, that they just feel happy to be surrounded by comforting and traditional styles. We agree nothing is more comforting than a cup of warm tea in your grandmother’s kitchen, why not complete the feel with her teacups?

Grandmillennial Bedroom Finds

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photo credit: Hector Manuel Sanchez; styling: Lizzie Cullen Cox

Sheet Set


We cannot wait to crawl into bed and surround ourselves with this comforting, classic, elegant rose pattern. This microfiber brushed yarn is so soft and luxurious. The grandmillennial style is all about details and creating a comforting look that reflects your personality.

Room Darkening Panel Set


Grandmillennial style is a twist on traditional decor. These window panels are traditional, the thick-lined darkening panel set makes them functional while the large scale toile pattern makes them fit the bill for our grandmillennial style.

Home Furnishing

25 grandmillennial style must-haves
photo credit: River Spencer

Floral Wallpaper


If grandmillennial style is the antidote to minimalism, this wallpaper is surely grandmillennial. This wallpaper is a beautiful, classic blue floral chintz and would look stunning in a smaller room like a powder room or foyer. We love it paired with beautiful millwork in a bold color choice.

Bunny Lamp


The paramount of the grandmillennial style is the use of patterns. This beautiful porcelain bunny accent table lamp features blue and white florals perfect for petite, decorative spaces and would look stunning in a nursery. Also, available in a solid white option.



The foo dog (really a Chinese lion) was originally made to stand symbolic guard over a palace or temple. Placing them in a home or office can bring you fortune and prosperity, guard your house and ward off ill-fortune. This set will look great on your grandmillennial style bookshelf and will bring good Feng Shui for your home.


Ginger Jars


While the term grandmillenial may be new, these classic blue and white decorative ginger jars are not. These can be found in many traditional-style homes but have found a new appreciation with the rise of the grandmillennial style. We love the classic pattern and color and are finding new uses in our house: storage, flower arrangements, bookends, and decor. 



While you once may have found the same pattern selection on the walls, pillows, lampshades the grandmillennial style prefers a few pops of complimenting patterns. The small details on this pleated lampshade are just what we are looking for! This traditional Indian block print is available with matching drapery and bedding.

Storage Bins


We love soft details like these storage bins to slowly add grandmillennial style aspects to our home. This soft, blue, floral pattern can complement any style and the bins are useful storage to have in your home. At a lower price point, you can try this pastel floral in your home.

Fireplace Screen


We love practical pieces that can stand the test of time in terms of functionality, durability, and design; this fireplace screen is no exception. At under $50 and in a stunning antique finish, it makes us feel better for purchasing this piece for our home decor. This reminds us of something you may find on the queen of grandmillennial style, Erin Napier, Hometown makeovers. Want to find out if you are a grandmilleial take her telling quiz.

Fireplace Toolset


We have heard fabulous things about the “Best Choice Products” brand and were excited to find this classic, timeless antique gold indoor fire toolset. We love this paired with other antiques in our home and nothing offers the comfort of a roaring fire!

Wicker Side Table


The wicker and precious scalloping detail of this end table makes our grandmillennial style hearts flutter. We know this is a timelessly beautiful piece to add to your home; it would look great in a nursery, beside a couch in a sunroom, or as an end table beside your favorite chair. This side table offers a rounded construction with an hourglass design and the natural shade of this wicker offers warmth and comfort. 

Rattan Decorative Boxes


This set of two, large cane-detail decorative boxes are made of wood, rattan, and glass for sturdy construction, perfect to fit any grandmillennial style decor. If you need a place to store your knitting or needlepoint (yes, all hobbies we are seeing resurface as part of the grandmillennial style trend), these cane sided boxes are a great option.

Grandmillennial Style Apparel

Nap Dress


In fashion, the grandmillennial style is a reawakening of the feminine silhouette and patterns – think dainty florals. We love the Ellie Nap Dress with ​elasticated smocking, ruffled shoulders, and a tiered midi skirt. This dress is perfect for whatever 2021 throws at you: an outing or naps alike. We also love the elastic smocking that was designed to be pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly.

Night Gown


While nightgowns may have you thinking of grandmothers and the town Mayberry, we prefer to take our grandmillennial style inspiration from Victorian shows like Netflix’s Bridgerton. This nightgown is a more affordable option to the Nap dress but may make you a bit more limited to the house. We love this grandmillennial style that is classic and stylish and keeps you both cool and comfortable. Gone are the days of oversized t-shirts for sleep!

Heart Cardigan


Soft cardigans layered over a white t-shirt and jeans are our daily mom uniform. We love the updated spin on the granny chic with the soft heart shape balls on this hand-knit open front cardigan. Nothing makes us feel more cozy and we love the available color options.

Wicker Straw Tote


The wicker trend is not just limited to furniture. We are seeing woven, wicker details everywhere and this bag is no exception. This lovely, timeless basket bag is perfect for summer and comes with a beautiful lining to keep your goods from falling out.

Smocked Bathing Suit


All moms rejoiced when the high waisted jean trend carried over to swimsuits. The colors, the small floral pattern, and the smocking all scream grandmillennial style and we will be the first to admit we are here for it! We cannot wait to wear this suit this summer.

Phone Case


The entire brand line of Loveshackfancy is benefiting from the grandmillennial style craze. Every item of their brand could have been included in our round-up: from designer dresses, athleisure, to bags. But we decided to add some grandmillennial style flare to the item you never leave the house without: your phone. If the pattern names don’t have your grandmillennial heart fluttering we don’t know what will (mauve wine, pink painted fence, rosebay, and viola).



Superga x Loveshack Women’s Sneaker. The grandmillenial in us loves anything Loveshack! From their brilliant combinations of pattern and muted pastel colors. These shoes are no exception and you may be surprised how easy it is to incorporate so much pattern into your daily wardrobe. These look great with dresses, shorts, or jeans! In addition to Loveshacks design, Superga shoes are known for their comfort and durability.



As with all things of comfort, we like to make them beautiful. These fluffy slippers remind us of the house shoes that our grandmothers always wore and the nostalgia of it has us wanting to repeat that charming style. We love that they include a moisture-wicking fleece lining, a flexible memory foam that absorbs shock, and a sturdy non-slip rubber sole.

The grandmillennial style may not be your cup of tea but it has aspects we all can appreciate. The return of tradition and comfort. Not walking into a store and purchasing everything new, instead layering pieces to tell a story. Choosing items, colors, and styles that you want to be surrounded by and that bring comfort, make your home unique to you, reflect your story, style, and quirks. The admiration of previously discarded items allows an opportunity to appreciate and honor items passed down from previous generations or slowly obtained thrift store hunting instead of purchased by a mass retailer. What grandmillennial style will you try first?

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photos:,, (Hector Manuel Sanchez), Amy L. Berry, Clary Bosbyshell, River Spencer

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