master italian fashion chic with these 6 trends

Italy is home to some of the most famous and sought-after fashion houses the world over. Fashion labels like Versace, Gucci, Prada, and Fendi are just a few of the Italian fashion powerhouses that influence the clothing styles that people wear every day. While you don’t have to spend a fortune on major labels to dress Italian, you can still master the art of the Bella Figura, loosely translated to “beautiful figure,” by dressing in the Italian way. Here are six smart Italian fashion trends to enhance your wardrobe for a chic Italian look.

Italian Fashion Trend: Understated & Elegant 

Italian fashion favors the understated and elegant. In Italy, men and women dress well, always ready to make a good impression. Whether walking to the local market, riding a bike, or indulging in an afternoon cappuccino, Italians always look put together. While fashion in other countries might be austere or avant-garde, the Italian fashion sense is timeless, yet fashion-forward, and elegant. 

Cos is one of Italy’s more popular brands for everyday fashion styles. Each piece is made to last beyond the season so you can wear it year in and year out and still look great. Crafted with an Italian sensibility, COS fabrics feel soft on the skin and are sustainable as well. 

Italy has a wide range of climates, which for Italians means dressing appropriately for different seasons in different regions. Here are a few Italian fashion staples that are both understated and elegant, no matter which climate or city you might find yourself in. 

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Italian Fashion Trend: Bright Colors, Bold Patterns & Stripes 

Italians know how to wear a pop of color and a print. There are no hard and fast Italian fashion rules when it comes to mixing colors, prints, or stripes, as keeping it simple is the key. Primary colors are always good choices and stripes, well, they’re always classic. Along the coastal areas of Italy, one will find a lot of beach-styled dresses, lemon motifs, and other of-the-moment prints. 

Animal prints never truly seem to go out of style. The trick to wearing animal prints is to make them a starting point to build an outfit around. Head-to-toe prints are rarely a good idea, nor is mixing prints with other patterns. A good rule of thumb in Italian fashion is to mix a print with a solid neutral color, be that black, camel, white, or taupe. 

Italian Fashion Trend: Fast Fashion 

Just because fast fashion means it is mass-produced, it doesn’t mean that it is devoid of personality and individuality. While the Italian fashion sense favors put together, it also appreciates casual and cool. The best way to wear fast fashion is with more classic pieces. There are plenty of affordable Italian fashion brands, as well as ways to nail the look if you’re an Italophile on a budget.  

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Italian Fashion Trend: Leather Goods 

Italy is known for the quality of its leather goods. Italians are as passionate about leather as they are about food and wine. For that reason, it’s always en vogue to incorporate something leather into an Italian’s wardrobe. Leather bags, shoes, driving gloves (yes, driving gloves) are just a few ways to get your fix of this Italian fashion trend and wardrobe staple. 

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Italian Fashion Trend: Streetwear 

When one heads away from the touristed city center to where the locals live, you’ll find young Italian teens playing ball and hanging with their friends. The Italian street scene has a European sensibility and sense of humor. The youth subculture dominates the streetwear scene in Italy. If your adolescent years are far behind you, you can still adopt this Italian fashion trend by incorporating a streetwear shirt under a blazer, for example. 

Move over Ferragamo, because Geox Respira might actually be Italy’s most popular footwear brand. Geox is an everyday kind of shoe that has been engineered to be breathable, comfortable, and free from pesky foot odors. Where Italian fashion mostly veers in the direction of craftsmanship and art, Geox is the kind of company that steers it in the direction of technology as well. 

Italian Fashion Trend: Accessories 

There are a handful of wardrobe staples that Italians swear by. Things like scarves, tights, and sunglasses are just a few fashionable Italian pieces that complete a day’s look. As beautiful as they are functional, these accessories are just a few of the things you might spot an Italian wearing while walking along the banks of the Arno in the piazza. 

As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” The good news is that you don’t have to go to Rome to shop for Italian fashion wearables, as many brands have flagship stores in the United States or are available online. Any of these fashion trends will bring you one step closer to emulating the Italian ideal of La Bella Figura. Whichever trend you follow, remember that confidence will always be your best accessory. Che Bello! 

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