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8 of the Best Japanese Fashion Trends Worth Following

Since the early aughts, the world has watched Japanese fashion go from exotic to the mainstream. Japanese fashion is imbued with fun, whimsy, and a sense of humor. While COVID travel restrictions might keep visiting the streets of Japan at bay, style-conscious fashionistas can get their fill of all things Japanese by adding one or two trends to their everyday wardrobe. Here are eight Japanese fashion trends that you can mix and match to upgrade your wardrobe and personal style. 

Japanese Fashion Trend #1: Oversized Clothing 

The streets of Tokyo are teeming with oversized hoodies, pants, and dresses. This Japanese fashion trend is comfortable, streetwise and easy to replicate in the states. The bigger the better when it comes to the look, and it can be applied to just about any article of clothing.

Brands like Snidel, Uniqlo, Gelato Pique are some of the labels that Japanese it-girls wear, but you can also find a handful of Japanese fashion labels on Amazon as well. When it comes to oversized pieces there is no need to compensate with skinny leggings or form-fitting pieces. You can layer baggy on top of baggy to nail the look. 

Loose-fitting and baggy, oversized pants are the perfect way to capitalize on this Japanese fashion trend. Whether you’re looking for denim or cotton, there are plenty of ways to make this looks yours. Both Yesno and Yeokou are two affordable fashion labels on Amazon that have a variety of oversized looks to suit your style. 

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Japanese Fashion Trend #2: Androgynous 

Japan’s fashion scene has been bending both fashion and gender rules long before the fashionistas in the west. Gender inclusivity is becoming more mainstream and it’s easy to get the look made popular in Japanese fashion with a few wardrobe staples. To get the authentic androgynous look, splurge for Comme des Garcons (CDG), one of Japan’s most famous fashion brands. CDG has an Avant-grade approach to fashion that oftentimes results in unnatural or exaggerated silhouettes. 

Japanese Fashion Trend #3: Streetwear &  Streetstyle 

Japanese street style assimilates sportswear with casual and luxury fashion in the same way, to the hilt. If you’re going for this look, just remember that you can pair a sports element from any athletic brand with whatever you’re wearing including funky loafers, kilts, and oversized pants. Joggers and track pants with lots of pockets, Velcro straps, and color-block stitching are easy ways to incorporate this Japanese fashion trend into your wardrobe.  

Japanese Fashion Trend #4: Harajuku Style 

The Harajuku style is a fashion trend that is mostly dead, but nonetheless interesting. It’s still worth a mention because of its iconic position in Japanese fashion. It mixes lots of well-known Japanese sub-styles like cutesy fairy Kei, Cosplay, Gothic Lolita, and punk rock clothing. Certain mainstream Japanese garments like Hawaiian shirts and kimonos are easy to acquire staples to help you master the look.  

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Japanese Fashion Trend #5: Cats

The novelty of cute kittens on everyday apparel is paws-a-tively adorable. The same rings true on the streets of Tokyo. Kitten themed garments can easily be incorporated into the Harajuku style, but can also be worn with sportswear and oversized Japanese fashion trends as well. 

Japanese Fashion Trend #6: Unique Cuts 

Unique cuts make for eye-catching Japanese fashion. Sculptural, artistic, and a fashion-forward aesthetic are just a few words that come to mind when your eyes settle on the unique cuts and hemlines that make this trend so appealing. Snidel is a Japanese fashion label that is popular amongst Japanese women and has an online store that ships to the U.S., so you can get the look stateside. 

Japanese Fashion Trend #7: Minimalist 

Understated and without embellishment, this is a perfect Japanese fashion trend to mimic if you’re into the aesthetic, and maximalism is not your thing. Simple styles with clean lines are the best way to make this look your own. Minimalism applies as much to the color scheme as it does the style, so keep it simple with subtle hues and stay away from bright and bold colors. 

Japanese Fashion Trend #8: Feminine 

The feminine Japanese fashion trend is the yin to the yang of androgynous apparel. Let your inner girlie girl out with polka-dots, tulle, bows, and florals. This easy-to-replicate style is flirty, fun and suitable for social gatherings, the office, or tooling around town. When ordering Asian-inspired clothes, remember to pay attention to the sizing, which can be slightly off from your typical American size range. 

Take your feminine style up a notch with whimsical and cute patterns. Think rainbows, cute animals with human-like mannerisms, and clouds as inspiration for your feminine look. 

There’s no need to give your wardrobe a major overhaul if you’re into Japanese fashion. Experiment with these trends and invest in a few staples, and you’ll be sure to turn a few heads with your fashion-forward style. From Japan’s luxury fashion companies to casual fashion brands, there’s a look and price point for everyone. Have fun mixing pieces, prints, and styles because really, anything goes. Don’t worry about breaking the rules of Japanese fashion because there really are none! 

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8 of the best japanese fashion trends worth following

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