When you’re a runner, the world is your playground. Its streets, backroads, and trails are all yours. Whether you’re a beginner or have hundreds of miles under your belt, with the right running gear there’s no mile or mountain you can’t conquer. Here are the top 25 running gear essentials for both men and women to help get you across your next finish line.

Running Gear for Everyone

If you run outdoors, then you need running gear to protect you from the elements. The New Balance Unisex Performance Visor will shield the sun from your eyes and your face. Unlike most visors, this sports visor wicks away head sweat to also keep you dry.

The Mission Cooling Stretchy Visor is engineered to allow you to stay active and comfortable longer when exercising in the heat. With the capability of cooling 30 degrees below your body temperature, this type of running gear will cool you off so that you can conquer more miles.

Sweat might be your best accessory when you’re into fitness, but so are some cool shades. The Goodr Sunglasses are top rated in running gear. They also come in vibrant colors that pop so wearing them is that much more fun.

The Powerbeats Pro Wireless Headphones provide up to 9 hours of listening time and more than 24 hours with a charging case. These earphones are built for elite athletes, but you don’t have to be elite to enjoy their superior sound.

If you need music to motivate you, then your running gear should include a reliable pair of wireless earphones. The Apple AirPods give crystal-clear sound and allow for hands-free access to Siri when paired with an iPhone. Invest in a silicone cover for the charging case that comes with the AirPods to protect it against bumps and scratches.

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Next to shoes, the most important running gear to invest in is a pair of quality running socks. The Feetures Unisex Elite Max Cushion Socks provide extra cushioning for added comfort. Feetures socks are made without irritating toe seams allowing these socks to boast blister protection.

Balega No Show Running Socks are a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. These socks feature moisture-wicking microfibers to keep feet dry when hitting the pavement. Balega socks come in over 15 electric and neon colors making them fun to wear.

For people who don’t like to exercise in extra layers of clothing, arm sleeves are a great alternative. The GOOUDO Sun Protection Sleeves offer UPF 50+ sun protection in the heat and keep you warm when cool outside. For that reason, these arm sleeves are a great addition to your running gear list for races and marathon.

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The SPIbelt is the perfect type of running gear for short runs. Lightweight and slim, this belt straps around the waist and can hold a large mobile phone, cards, and a key. The fun, vibrant color options are great for adding visibility to workout apparel.

The Fast & Free Run Belt holds a little more than the SPIbelt, which is great for longer training runs. The Fast & Free Belt has reflective details and is made with sweat-wicking fabric for days when you’re really working up a sweat. A buckle on this belt allows you to adjust the fit to prevent the annoyance of bouncy running gear.

The Fitletic Running Belt is designed for people who like to run with lots of running gear in tow. This belt has a large inner pocket for a phone as well as loops to carry energy supplements and toggles to attach a race bib. The Fitletic also has silicone grippers that help to control bounce on the interior side of the belt.

Sometimes all you need is a wrist wallet, instead of a running belt. The Sprigs Unisex Wrist Wallet is made of lightweight Polyspandex that fit’s around the wrist. Available in lots of bright colors and patterns, the wrist wallet is ideal for carrying just a few things, but probably not larger items like a phone.

A running gear essential that is often overlooked is some sort of identification. You never know when you’ll need it, but having an ID card or a Got Tags Shoe ID are a great way to provide First Responders important emergency contact information. The Go Tags Shoe ID fits 3/8-inch wide laces and you can personalize it with up to 4 lines of text.

If you’re training routine requires sustained energy, then you might want to pack CLIF Shot Bloks in your waist pack. Each pack comes with six energy chews and are available in a wide variety of flavors. Margarita with salt on the rim sounds like a reward, but the sodium helps to ward off muscle cramps. That sounds good to us!

GU Energy Chews are another energy supplement created for daily training and competition. These chews help to sustain the energy demands of long duration exercise activities and taste great, too.

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Running Gear for Women

A good sports bra will make a mediocre workout better. The Triumph Women’s Traction Control Sports Bra is great for running. This bra has high impact bounce control, is extra light and has breathable padding. 

The Brooks Women’s Juno Sports Bra is a great bra for larger-cupped women. With adjustable straps, the Brooks Juno provide a custom fit for women so that they have all the comfort and compression they need to get through a workout. Running gear like this is designed for women of all shapes and sizes.

Sometimes you need to let the world know you’re about to conquer it. Make your next race a fun one by emblazing your name or favorite mantra across your chest. This Champion Women’s Sports Bra has a supportive T-back design and can be personalized with a name or logo in 25 different colors. 

Sometimes bright is better when it comes to running gear, especially when running outdoors. The MPG Strive High Waisted Running Pants have 4-way stretch and compression in all of the right spots. The MPG Strive pants have a concealed waistband for toting a card or key when you’re on the go.

Lululemon Speed Up Tights are designed for running. Available only online, these sweat-wicking tights have added Lycra fiber for stretch and shape retention. The Speed Up Tights have multiple pockets on the legs and in the waistband so you can store what you need without wearing a waist pack.

Brooks is a trusted name in running gear. And, the Greenlight Tight is a longtime favorite amongst Brooks devotees. These tights are sustainably made and feature no-bounce pockets and a non-slip fit.

The LSD Pullover is ultralight with a relaxed fit. When buying running gear for outdoors, products that offer protection from the elements is paramount. The Brooks LSD is wind proof and water-resistant and packs down into an internal mesh pouch four when your run is over.

A sweat-wicking headband is essential workout and running gear. The Lululemon Fly Away Tamer II helps to keep hair in place so it’s one less distraction when your focusing on your run.

This 9-pack of non-slip elastic headbands are sweat absorbent and breathable, two important qualities in running gear. These headbands will keep hair and sweat off your forehead and out of your eyes when you’re out for a jog or cross training in the gym.

The Oakley EVZero Ascend Sunglasses are what you would call smart running gear. The brand’s leading sport technology and innovations combine for both style and function for these top-rated running sunglasses. Not to mention, the pink hue of these glasses is irresistible, too.

The truth about running gear is that all you really need is a good pair of running shoes (and a sports bra if you’re a girl). But, having a few extra pieces of running gear from this list will make your runs that much better, comfortable, convenient, and fun. Remember, you don’t have to win a race or run a five-minute mile to call yourself a runner. You just have to strap on your kicks and do it.

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