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27 Magical Harry Potter Gifts for Wizards and Muggles

Being a Potterhead is serious business. It means that you have read all of the books (and probably have them memorized), seen the movies (more than 10 times, but who’s counting?), and look for every opportunity to infuse more Happy Potter into your life. Know someone like this? When the opportunity arises, why not buy them Harry Potter gifts to add to their already amazing collection?

When in Doubt, Go to the Library: Harry Potter Gifts for Book Lovers

Stretch your imagination beyond the original book series. After all, one can never have too many books straight out of Hogwarts. Expand gift recipients’ collections with these Harry Potter gifts for book lovers. They’ll color their hearts out with wizard-themed coloring books, learn the actual spells spoken by Harry and friends, or create an origami Golden Snitch, Hedwig, Sorting Hat and more. Take in these creative masterpieces while reading the Hogwarts Library over ultimate Harry Potter cocktails.

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Harry Potter Gifts for Every House

Our homes are our castles–accessorize accordingly. Help friends welcome visitors with the Alohomora doormat, and enjoy reading late into the evening using the Golden Snitch light. Snuggle up with a battle flag throw once the cooler fall weather arrives. No matter your house, these Harry Potter gifts will provide all the comforts of home.

Let the Feast Begin: Harry Potter Gifts for Chefs and Headmistresses

Preparing a feast for your closest friends? These Harry Potter gifts for the kitchen have you covered. Find creative recipe options based on the book, create iconic and delicious cookies, or make chocolate frogs that only a Potterhead would love. Don’t worry, we don’t think these will come to life as they did in the movie. (No guarantees, though!) Themed potholders and spice jars will help round out any wizard’s kitchen collection.

Brilliant Harry Potter Gifts to Accessorize Your Office

Everyone could use a little extra magic to help get through the workday. How about some Harry Potter gifts for the office? Seal envelopes with an authentic wax seal, craft powerful correspondence with an Elder Wand pen, use a Marauder’s Map case to keep a cell phone safe or save latest manuscripts to an adorable character-themed USB drive. Gulping gargoyles! Whether working from home of the office, your gift recipient is going to love these Harry Potter gifts.

Harry Potter Gifts for Thrill Seekers

Hold your hippogriffs and check out these toy and game Harry Potter gifts that are fun for all ages. Invoke spells while learning to code, recreate a Quidditch match at home or test their epic trivia knowledge. For your favorite puzzle masters, consider a three-dimensional Golden Snitch puzzle or the Hogwarts Castle Lego set (the ultimate splurge). These Harry Potter gifts are perfect for bringing home the magic of the wizarding world.  

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Mix Your Own Potions: Drinkware Harry Potter Gifts

Expecto Patronum! Defend yourself against thirst with this delightful Harry Potter drinkware. The Blender Ball version is great for mixing shakes and protein drinks, while the Tervis option will keep your beverage cold for hours. Craving a mug of cold butterbeer yet? (Yes, please.)

Harry Potter Gifts for Her

Is there a heroine in your life who deserves the very best? Treat her to one of these lovely gifts and make her feel special. A trendy Potteresque purse or backpack is perfect for transporting magical objects on the Hogwarts Express, while a beautiful bracelet will adorn her wrist and turn heads as she’s casting spells.

Only the best Harry Potter gifts will do for your most magical friends. Whether an aspiring sorcerer or everyday muggle, they will definitely appreciate the thought you’ve put into appealing to their wizarding side.

Are these Harry Potter gifts for the home making you rethink the decor at your own castle? If it’s time for an update, check out these DIY rooms designed the way you want.

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