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25 Beautiful & Modern Home Office Ideas

In 2020, many people made the abrupt shift to working from home. If you fit into this category, you may be looking for modern home office ideas to improve your current workspace. If you are fortunate enough to have a designated home office or library, it may have been a rarely used space prior to 2020 and may be in need of updates. Many of us are looking for ways to convert an existing space, such as a dining room, the corner of a bedroom, or a family room, into an office space.

Please find our modern home office ideas below for tips on how to increase productivity, mood, and enjoyment when spending time in your home office. Since this new work area is where we are spending a great deal of time, our modern home office ideas will inspire you to make this space beautiful and functional.


25 beautiful & modern home office ideas

Modern Home Office Ideas: Start with a Great Foundation

Rectangle Dining Table as a Desk


If you are searching for modern home office ideas, we love to use a farmhouse table as a desk. A beautiful home office can make your working hours more efficient and enjoyable. The quality of this table is incredible; it is beautifully designed, timeless and functional. We believe the desk is an area of your office you may want to splurge on, as it will be the focal point of your whole room.

Modern L-Shaped Desk


We love the use of this sleek, modern, and sturdy L-shape desk in multi-purpose spaces, such as a bedroom or bonus room. This can be tucked into any corner. Our modern home office ideas always include white and gold. A space-saving monitor shelf leaves plenty of surface space for your keyboard and mouse.


Executive Swivel Chair


Choosing the right desk and chair for your home office is essential, so invest in a chair that is comfortable and adjustable. When you sit down, your feet should be flat on the floor, with your knees at a 90° angle. From a comfort standpoint, we love the adjustable swivel of the chair and armrest, and from an aesthetic standpoint, the white and gold combination really works well also.

Accent Pillow for your Desk Chair


We love to add a good accent pillow to pull out some of the golds from our accessories and that beautiful rug. These modern gold pillow covers are the perfect pop and add additional support while crunching away at your desk. All of the colors are great, but the light pink and gold would look awesome in your modern office.

Turkish Rug


This Turkish rug is so good, we bought it for two rooms. The pictures online are a bit intense, but it is much more muted in person. It looks so good with gold and muted pinks, with the blue gray shade being the dominant color. This will look good with any of your modern home office ideas.

Modern Home Office Ideas: Hardware Up

Curved White Monitor


We love the modern, slim, white, curved design of this monitor. Working with multiple, large screens makes having multiple windows, documents, and especially spreadsheets open easier. The picture on this monitor is great and the deeper curved screen with a 1800MM (70. 8 inches) radius curvature closely resembles the curvature of the eye, making staring at your computer screen for hours…somewhat better.

Small, Easy to Use Printer


When choosing a printer, we recommend an all-in-one option that can handle all of your modern home office ideas by printing, scanning, and copying. This one features a sleek, white design and wifi-enabled printing, which eliminates all those pesky cords to your workstation. The Bluetooth 5.0 technology also lets the family connect and print from their smartphone or tablet. Not only will this printer handle all of your office needs, but it prints beautiful, borderless photos and takes care of its ink with HP’s instant ink.

Light Therapy Lamp


Sunlight and Vitamin D are critical to your body. A lot of your vitamin D is absorbed from your diet. With all of this time indoors, you may find yourself experiencing seasonal depression, mood changes, or your circadian rhythm may be off due to a decrease in your vitamin D. Light therapy may help with all of the above! Other modern home office ideas to enhance your vitamin D include: positioning your desk in a way that allows you to face a natural source of sunlight like a large window/door, or considering adding a light therapy lamp by your desk. We love this light therapy lamp, whose broad-spectrum light helps the skin to produce vitamin D.

White and Gold Keyboard and Mouse


Lose all of those cords on your desk. Having a wireless mouse and keyboard is such a game-changer and extra points if it is pretty. The updated white and gold style will match your newly, beautifully designed office.

Mouse Pad


We love the modern look of this gold and white marble mouse pad for your desk. The last thing we want for your modern office is a heavy, dark mouse pad sitting like a black hole on your desk. Not only is this mouse pad pretty, but it is also practical. The silky cloth texture is designed to provide a smooth, consistent, and durable surface for mouse tracking.


Acrylic Monitor Stand with Silicone Anti-Slip Case


This clear, acrylic monitor stand looks fabulous with a minimalist design and will keep your desk organized and sleek. It reduces the strain on the neck, back, shoulder and eyes and offers an additional three inches of storage space underneath your monitor to store a full-size keyboard and mouse. It will help to minimize the messy clutter and save you desktop space.

Cord Management, Cable Clips


You will inevitably need some cords: charging stations or power outlets for your computer, monitor, phone, etc. One of the downsides of having an open desk or floating desk in the center of your office is the cords. These little, neat cable cord holders will help contain those cluttered cables and cords around your desk, power strip, filing cabinets, computer, or cell phone much nicer, organized, and safer. An option for containing the cords is to use these clips/cord management solution to attach/hide the cords down the legs of your desk.

Cord Management Box


This cord management box conceals your cords and power strip, making your desk look much more beautiful and streamlined. It also protects cords and power strips, making them less accessible to pets and children. Hiding your power strips and cords will instantly tidy your desk and workspace. After all, no one wants to see a rat’s nest of dangling cords.

Apple AirPods Pro


One must-have for your modern home office ideas are Apple’s Airpod Pros. Whether you are on conference calls all day or just need some noise-canceling to get through your to-do list, these are by far the most comfortable, with their new customizable fit and the standard in-ear wireless earphones. These easily connect to your Apple devices and maintain their charge all day.

10 Foot Lightning to USB Cable


A long charging cord is a must-have for our office! We do not want to be tethered to our desk and this charging cable lets us do it all and charge from anywhere. Why do we love this cable? An additional layer of protection has been added to the Lightning and USB ends to improve durability and reduce fraying. Cables have been tested to bend 95-degrees 6,000 times and it is backed by an Amazon Basics two-year limited warranty.


Modern Home Office Ideas: Accessorize Your Desk and Walls

Modern Art


When designing a space, it is best to draw inspiration from one focal point. When drumming up modern home office ideas, it is great to start with a statement rug or piece of art. From that one inspiration, pull your colors and the overall vibe of the room. This piece complements the rug we selected and offers an overall cohesive vibe. This modern, perfectly imperfect piece pulls navy, gray, blush, and gold and can be hung vertically or horizontally.

Acrylic Collator


One of our modern home office ideas: once you get your office set up and designed, keep it tidy! This robust, desktop acrylic collator will help do just that. Use it to keep file folders, mail, and other documents organized on your desk.

Acrylic Monthly Wall Calendar, Clear and Gold-Tone


This monthly wall calendar allows you to organize your life and accessorize your office. We love the minimalist look of this, which comes complete with everything you need including: two dry erase markers and drywall anchors. It also allows you to accessorize with up to five of the russell+hazel fun add-ons, including wall hook, pencil block, or valet.

Mini Binder Kit Personal Organizer


We love all of this brand’s modern home office ideas, including this mini personal organizer. This binder adapts to fit your needs. At 8” x 9”, our three-ring mini binder is just the right size to fit your busy lifestyle. It is also refillable and adaptable, with russell+hazel’s Smartdate system.

Mini Loop Smartdate Tabs Binder Insert


If you are purchasing the above planner, we highly suggest you add on these tabs and binder inserts, which allow you to fully customize your planner based on your specific needs. It includes tabs for date, goals, address book organization, etc. We love that the binder format allows you to add on and make this planner exactly what you need – there’s no need to purchase a new planner at the start of each year. This is one of the most modern home office ideas we have heard!

Acrylic Scissors


We are all about updated, modern office supplies. These scissors meet fashion and functional design needs, elevating your workstation. We love the contrast of the gold-tone blades and the acrylic edges. These 9” scissors are super sharp and the handles can accommodate both left and right hands. Be sure to coordinate with other acrylic desk accessories!

Tape Dispenser


It is silly to get excited over a tape dispenser, but we cannot help ourselves. This tape dispenser brings life, sparkle, and style to your desk. The tape dispenser brings a clean and modern look to your workspace that is visually gorgeous. It enhances and complements any décor, adding elegance to the work environment.



You need a matching stapler for your scissors and tape dispenser. This stapler completes our modern home office ideas for desk accessories. With its elegant and classy design for modern office supplies, we promise this will brighten your paperwork. Bonus, it has rose gold staples – yes, we pay attention to detail.



In a list of modern home office ideas, call us old fashioned, but we love putting pen to paper. This notebook is our go to – we love the date/list/keypoints template. Keep this on hand for your weekly to-do list and whenever you are on a call to take notes. It will keep you organized and on task.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses


There is nothing like eye fatigue from looking at your computer or phone screen for 8+ hours a day. Luckily, this is an easy problem to solve. These glasses are the best and make such a big difference. These have UV400 protection and glare reduction, which eliminates eye strain that causes headaches, aching eyes, and blurred vision. This three-pack is great for those who are constantly misplacing their glasses, and we love all the cute color options.

We could all use some modern home office ideas, as a home office may be the most used room in our home these days. If ever there was a time to do a refresh on your home office, 2021 is it! We hope this list inspires you to come up with your own modern home office ideas and determine the design that motivates you!


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