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14 Products You Need When Designing A Kids Room That Works

With all the time spent at home these days, it’s incredibly important for a child to have a space of their own, where they can feel comfortable, enjoy, and most importantly relax when they’d like. Designing a kids room can be fun. Choosing colors and themes is exciting, especially when working on it with a child. But choosing what needs to go into the room can be overwhelming. We’ve picked out the products you’ll need to make the perfect oasis for any kid.

Let’s Get Started Designing A Kids Room


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Kids are ultimately a lot happier, healthier, and learn easier when they’re getting a great night’s sleep. But mattresses are sometimes overlooked as an important purchase. Don’t make that mistake. Get an organic and non-toxic kids mattress and rest-assured they’ll be getting a great night of shut-eye.

Super Soft Throw Blanket

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Whether they just love the super-soft comfort of the faux fur and sherpa material, or are cuddling up mid-day to rest their eyes, having a kid-sized throw is a great accessory to have sitting at the end of a child’s bed. For younger ones, throw blankets also make great make-believe play like a super-hero cape, camping tent, or indoor picnic blanket.

Blackout Curtains

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If it’s not apparent, sleep is one of the most important parts of anyone’s well-being. And children aren’t always the best sleepers. So it’s important to outfit their room to make sure they’re getting every minute possible. Keep the morning or summertime evening rays out with blackout curtains.

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Even if a child isn’t scared of the dark, a small nightlight illuminates a child’s room enough to safely see the floor while walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night. When designing a kids room, it’s a small but important feature to include. These GE color-changing lights let children choose a variety of colors to switch between. Fun and functional.

Side-Table Lamp

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When it’s time to read in bed or settle down for the night, give your child independence with a touch lamp on their side table. With over 256 combinations of light, kids can touch their way to the perfect light to fit their mood.


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Just because they’re smaller, doesn’t mean they don’t have plenty of stuff they need to show off, especially books. A child who has access to books learns to love reading, so give them access to their books with a set of floating shelves. They’re cute, can fit almost anywhere, and are a great way to see all the adventures waiting to be read.

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Whether for school work or creativity at work, a child needs a correctly sized desk. Though it doesn’t need to be a big one, the desk should have ample room to spread out a textbook, room for writing, and room for a laptop too.

Office Chair

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A child’s desk chair size is just as important (or possibly more important) than the desk size itself. A child’s desk chair should be accurately sized and ergonomic, not too small or too large. So when designing a kids room, take into consideration a child’s height when buying their desk chair and they’ll comfortably learn, create, and read throughout the year.

Comfy Seating

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A bedroom should be a haven for a child to enjoy. And sometimes that means inviting others, such as best friends, or even a lucky sibling, to enjoy the space as well. Sometimes a bed isn’t enough, so if there’s room, add in additional seating like this multi-functional gaming chair that can be changed into 14 different positions.

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Area Rug

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If seating is still short on supply, adding an area rug to the floor is a great way to give additional seating options and soften floor play. Even if there’s carpet in a child’s room, adding more vibrant color and softness with a high-pile area rug is a great idea. They’re super fun, and come in a bunch of bright colors. If the floor is still too hard underneath, softening it is as simple as buying a 1/4-1/2″ anti-slip rug pad for underneath.

Piggy Bank

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Piggy banks aren’t new, but if a child doesn’t have their own, make sure to outfit their space with one when designing a kids room. They make great gifts, especially when they’re filled with a fund that’s already started.

Pin Board

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Special school documents, movie tickets, trinkets–whatever your child needs to save or remind themselves of–will be front and center on a fun pin board, like these brightly colored hexagons. Line them up, space them out, randomly place them. However you use them when designing a kids room, they’ll be sure to be a big hit.


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Why not let the child decorate their own room with these cool pre-matted wall frames that open. Children can create, open the frame, and display their precious creation until they’re ready to replace it. Make sure to buy multiples because your child will have an entire gallery of frames to fill!


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Encourage your child to tidy up their dirty clothes, or maybe give them inspiration for the chore of laundry, with a fun and functional laundry hamper. With a whimsical pattern, it will look great by itself in a corner, or store it in the closet for more floor space.

This year more than ever, it makes sense to put some effort into designing a kids room to be exactly what they want, and one that functions well for them. Can you think of anything else to put into a child’s room for optimum comfort and function?

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