Summer is here, and for many of us, that means getting outside and enjoying nature. There’s no need to spend a fortune on creating the backyard of your dreams. This collection of fun DIY garden decor ideas includes small projects you can tackle in a weekend that will make a big impact when it comes to personalizing your space. With all that is going on in the world around us, there couldn’t be a better time to design your ideal garden oasis right at home. Read on to get started.

Living DIY Garden Decor

Plants are a pretty critical element of a garden, wouldn’t you agree? Then why not infuse some DIY garden decor elements that are actually alive? Bring your backyard to life with these unique choices.

Create your own terrarium with this stunning glass vessel and handy kit. Stones, soil and moss are included–you choose your own plants and purchase separately.

If you’re looking to create a cute terrarium but already have your own glass container, then this is the kit for you. Yes, it includes everything pictured here, down to the handy tools and adorable tiny dinosaur inhabitants.

For the gardener who has everything, consider this unique mushroom growing kit. Perfect for the beginner, this log arrives ready for use. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be enjoying a decorative and edible feast in no time.

Let your DIY garden decor soar to new heights with a vertical garden wall. Create a stunning succulent display or a space-saving wall of herbs with this unique pocket planter, available in small (16-pocket) and large (72-pocket) varieties.

For a more upscale and minimalist look, check out this living picture planter kit. A redwood frame, plants, soil and instructions are all included. You’ll just need to plant the cuttings, occasionally mist with water and enjoy.


DIY Garden Decor That Shines

If there’s one thing that helps set the mood in a space, it’s lighting. Enhance the ambiance of your home with some of our DIY garden decor lighting favorites. Whether your goal is to kick your curb appeal up a notch or to increase the safety and security of your backyard, the right lighting will help create an inviting retreat.

These solar-powered mason jar lids will absorb sunlight during the day and glow well into the night. Attach them to pint or quart size mason jars and hang from tree branches or garden stakes to give your garden a warmly lit ambiance.

All the fun of mason jar lights with a bit more magic, this version of solar-powered lids will give you an entirely different look. Add a touch of whimsy to your garden with twinkling blue, yellow, green, and purple fairy lights. The perfect accent piece at your next pool party!

Though the only DIY-ing you’ll be doing here is hanging these beautiful market lights and choosing a color scheme, we’ve added them to our list for their ability to transform a backyard space. Accent a sunshade or umbrella with one 24-foot strand or string up to 50 strands together for an all-over backyard lighting experience.

Have a favorite wine or spirits bottle that commemorates a special occasion or event? Turn it into customized garden lighting with this handy DIY garden decor kit. All you provide is a bottle (or three!) and some fuel. Following the enclosed instructions, attach the wicks, torch covers, brass mounts and seal rings, and you’ll be enjoying your new lighting by sunset.

These amazing small garden stones appear white by day and glow electric blue at night. Made of photoluminescence pigment, they charge in the sunshine and will provide up to three hours intense glowing, which then gradually fades away as the evening goes on. Decorate flowerpots, line planter beds, or create entire glowing pathways. The opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

DIY Garden Decor Sure To Make A Splash

Ever been lulled to sleep by the soothing whisper of ocean waves, or of raindrops tapping on your rooftop? The sounds of water have many calming properties and can be captured within your DIY garden decor, too. So grab a fountain or waterfall kit, or make your own rainwater collection system to capture all of the benefits that H2O can provide.

Create your own Zen garden with this bamboo water fountain and pump kit. Providing your favorite vessel allows you to completely customize the look of your water feature. Will it be a new bowl from your local home decor store, a well-loved hand-me-down kitchen treasure or a flea market find? You get to decide, in this surprisingly simple DIY garden decor project.

This 270-gallon pond kit provides everything you need to create a DIY garden decor waterscape at home. You’ll not only construct a stunning water garden, but also beautify it with included lighting. This is one of our pricier finds, but for those seeking to create a garden with some major wow-factor, this may be the home beautification purchase for you this summer.

Create your own rain barrel with this water collection kit that will enhance your garden, and save water and money. Follow the instructions to add the diverter, spigot, hoses and drain to your existing barrel, and you’ll be watering plants more economically after the next rainy day. You can get even creative decorating your barrel. DIY garden decor that looks great and is good for the environment? Yes please!


DIY Garden Decor Art Projects

Every backyard space could use a bit of whimsy. Let your inner artist run wild with these DIY garden decor art projects that will help you express your creative side. And don’t keep all of the fun to yourself–many are perfect for sharing with a child, family member, or friend.

This DIY garden decor rock kit really rocks. We bet the kids will agree! Spend an afternoon decorating rocks with this all-inclusive, perfect for beginners kit. Keep your favorites, then send your little garden gnomes on a secret mission to spread hide-and-seek rock hunting cheer throughout the neighborhood.

Once you’ve gotten the swing of rock painting, level up your painting game with this large pack of larger rocks, great for more intermediate rock artists. The almost four-pound pack includes 20 two- to three-inch rocks, a perfect canvas for painting more detailed and intricate designs.

To gain more control than a paintbrush offers in your rock painting art, check out these vivid, highly pigmented acrylic ink paint pens. The fine point tip works well for precise designs or hand-lettering and can fill both fine details and large areas. Be sure to add a coat of sealant to make your designs even more weather-resistant.

Want to add some more sophisticated DIY garden decor to your rock collection? Try your hand at mandala dotting. This 36-piece set includes stencils, acrylic rods, dotting tools and paintbrushes–everything except the paint. Soon, you’ll be creating amazing designs like the ones pictured here, too.

Create your own portal into a mystical fairy world. Explore the enclosed paint palette and use it to decorate this magical doorway. For added flair, add your own glitter, rhinestones or gems. Place your completed door at the base of a tree, and poof–instant DIY garden decor fit for a fairy.

Create an enchanting outdoor showpiece with this stone mosaic orb. Personalize to your decor, or give one to a friend that’s customized to their style. Simply paint, bake and enjoy!

Doesn’t every garden need a cheery mascot? Choose from a paint-your-own hedgehog, butterfly, ladybug, sun and more. This fun kit allows you to get right into the fun of painting, with one pre-cast stepping stone, plus paint pots and a brush.

Inviting DIY Garden Decor

When designing your ideal garden, be sure to give some thought to those with whom you’ll be sharing it. A welcoming pathway will give guests a great first impression and enable them to flow seamlessly between multiple connected spaces. Or, if you’d like to invite Mother Nature in, choose one of these DIY garden decor bee, butterfly or bird houses. After all, isn’t a garden more enjoyable with a friend?

Step up your DIY garden decor game with a concrete pathway mold, for the more experienced or adventurous do-it-yourselfer. Place the mold on a flat surface and fill with cement (you can even add colors, if you choose). Lift the paving mold and smooth edges with a wet sponge. Once it’s dry, fill in the gaps with sand, pebbles, shells or grout, and enjoy!

OK, pet lovers, this one is for you! Is there a better way to create a pathway to a doggie-designated zone than these adorable paw print stepping stones you can make at home? Your furry friend will likely enjoy being protected from muddy paws after a rainstorm, too.

Enjoy observing colorful critters in your garden? Give bees and butterflies their own place to call home. More than just garden decor, this insect hotel helps increase the population of beneficial bees by encouraging them to nest safely. Plus, the upper level butterfly house makes this insect hotel practical and beautiful. Add a custom stain to protect it and give it some DIY garden decor flair.

Make feathered friends feel at home in your garden, with an adorable bird bungalow. Stain it, paint it, or accent it with shells or other trinkets. They’re sure to appreciate all of your DIY garden decor special touches.

It’s time to design your garden plan, place an order and get out there, backyard gardeners! These 25 DIY garden decor finds are sure to help you spruce up your space this summer. They make great gifts for the person who has everything as well.

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