pamper your new pet rabbit with these 25 must-haves

Considering adding a pet rabbit to the family? There are many reasons why you should. Rabbits are full of personality and can make great pets. Proper nutrition, care and lots of love and attention are key to a happy, healthy rabbit for years to come. Have these 25 essential items on hand to help make bunny’s homecoming a smooth one.

A Home for Your Pet Rabbit

Before bringing your furry new family member home, you have an important decision to make: where will he or she live? A pet rabbit can live comfortably indoors or even outdoors, as long as it has shade, protection from predators and plenty of opportunities to cool off when it’s hot outside. Whatever you decide, check out these splurge-worthy hutch options to make your pet rabbit feel right at home.

Cozy Pet Rabbit Beds

Once you have a home for your pet rabbit picked out, another important addition is a place for it to sleep. Hutches and cages can have metal or mesh bottoms, and it’s nice for bunny to have a break on something that’s comfier. Resting places made of natural materials are ideal, so they won’t harm the bunny if they get eaten. The ones made out of hay can serve as a great midnight snack, too!

Pet Rabbit Potty Essentials

We’d be lying if we didn’t tell you that a pet rabbit comes with it’s fair share of dirty work. Bunnies poop… a lot. The good news is that they can be litter box trained with some patience and perseverance. Give your pet rabbit a place to do her business that keeps her paws clean, and is easy for you to maintain. Wood pellets help keep odors at bay and a brush set is always good to have nearby for any misplaced “presents” that don’t quite make it in the box. (Note: Some rabbits don’t tolerate wood pellets in their cage, so if not, try Carefresh Small Pet Bedding instead.)


Hay Your Pet Rabbit Will Love

An unlimited supply of hay is needed for your pet rabbit. This not only provides the fiber needed to keep everything moving through their little digestive systems as it should, but also helps maintain proper dental care. (Did you know that rabbit teeth grow continuously and need to be worn down by munching on hay and chew toys?) It’s best to blend multiple types of hay for a wider array of nutritional value. Check out this amazing hay manger also, which doubles as a seat for a friend.

Pet Rabbit Food and Nutrition

Hay is essential, but it doesn’t provide all of the nutrition that a pet rabbit needs. Supplement their hay buffet with pellet-based food, too. Check with a vet who specializes in pet rabbit care for their recommended blend of fiber, protein, fat and calcium. These are just a few of many options that are out there.

Once your new pet is older than three months, you can reward her for good behavior or potty training progress with treats. Fresh fruit and veggies are ideal, but pre-packaged options exist as well. Just make sure to research what a pet rabbit can and cannot eat and–similar to what you would do with a new baby–introduce only one new food at a time. We don’t want bunny getting a tummyache!

Purchase some cute serve-ware if you want to make your bunny’s home even more adorable. These carrot and cabbage dishes are great for dividing up food for multiple pets, or for splitting up pellets and fresh veggies. Fresh water should always be available to your pet rabbit and this water bottle from Choco Nose is the best we’ve found. It is truly no-drip and can be replaced with a standard size water bottle as well.

Grooming Tools for A Pet Rabbit

Rabbits are very clean animals and you’ll regularly catch them grooming themselves. Since a pet rabbit cannot handle hairballs in the same way a cat can, brushing your bunny is important to her health. (She’ll likely reward you with kisses, too.) Nails must be trimmed regularly as well, so invest in a good small animal nail trimmer. Be sure to steer clear of the quick by only clipping off the very tip.


Favorite Pet Rabbit Toys for Enrichment

Finally, it’s play time! Your pet rabbit will need lots of attention and enrichment activities to keep them entertained and behaving. Try these toys, which will stimulate their minds, benefit their dental care and also prevent them from chewing on any household items. Maybe you’ll even be rewarded with a binky, an amazingly cute pet rabbit leap through the air that expresses their pure happiness and joy.


Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to fill up the shopping cart for your fuzzy new friend. Pamper your new pet rabbit with some of the items mentioned above, and she’ll reward you with a lifetime of love and affection. Enjoy your new bundle of joy!

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pamper your new pet rabbit with these 25 must-haves

Photo credit:, Michelle Knapp