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Your Next Adventure Awaits: Pack These 26 Road Trip Essentials Today

The current pandemic world in which we now live has squashed summer vacation plans everywhere. While you may be reluctant to travel by air, car trips can provide a welcome change of scenery. Packing the right road trip essentials is more important than ever, though. Between safety, comfort, storage, entertainment and snacks, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite items. Check ‘em out, before you hit the highway.

Road Trip Essentials for Safe Travels

If you were ever a Girl Scout or Boy Scout, you know the importance of being prepared. A little bit of advance planning can prevent a whole lot of trouble later in your trip. Having the right road trip essentials for a flat tire quick fix or engine jump start is handy, while having a first aid kit for unexpected injuries is even more critical. Add these tools to you trip pre-planning checklist today.

Read Up Before Leaving for Your Road Trip

Part of the fun of a road trip is exploring new places. Where are the top restaurants to eat at? Will you pass scenic destinations or quirky landmarks on your way they are worth a stop? Tackle the right reading material well in advance of your trip to craft a well-executed itinerary that takes you off the beaten path and creates lasting memories.

Get Organized with Road Trip Essentials Storage Gear

With all of the road trip essentials you need for your trip, where are you going to store everything? While navigating unfamiliar roadways on your drive, it’s important that the inside of the car is organized. Make sure that items are grab-and-go, so you’re not fumbling behind the seat for gear, drinks or snacks. This way, your eyes can stay on the road where they belong.

Keep the Crew Entertained with These Fun Road Trip Essentials for Families

“Are we there yet?” It’s the dreaded question heard time and time again on long travel adventures. For that reason, we consider games for the kids to be one of the most important road trip essentials that you can pack. Bring loads of options, and definitely throw in some new ones they’ve never played with before to keep things fresh and pass the time for hours on the open road. Books are always a great bet for keeping little minds engaged also.

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Essential Tech Gear for Road Trips

Whether you’re traveling with children or not, tech gear also tops the list of road trip essentials. Check twice to make sure you’ve packed any necessary charging cables and headphones for your devices. If you get lost or just see some really great sights, you may want to phone a friend or text a photo, so battery power is key. If the kids are coming along, ensure they have their gear as well. A digital camera can be a fun way for them to capture memories from the trip to enjoy for years to come.

Road Trip Essentials to Help You Stay Energized

When you’re on the go, it can be tempting to snack between meals. What else is there to do? Fuel your body with healthy road trip essentials that will keep your energy up and help you go the distance behind the wheel. Choose natural, high-protein options that pack a nutritional punch. This will also make splurging on local delicacies a little more rewarding at your next pit stop.

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Road Trip Essentials to Keep Your Ride Clean

To keep your car smelling fresh and clean, gear up with some sanitizing wipes. Organic and gentle options are great for sticky hands, while the antibacterial type can be used for door handles, tables and other surfaces when you stop. Be sure to bring disposable trash bags to contain the mess. Bonus points if the bags contain an adhesive strip to always have one nearby!

Cozy Up with These Road Trip Essentials for Comfort

Road tripping is tiring work, which makes neck pillows and cozy blankets road trip essentials (at least, for your passengers). A pillow that provides support and keeps your head from falling as you nod off will help prevent neck pain later in your trip. A small travel blanket can also help multiple passengers enjoy a comfortable temperature, regardless of the thermostat setting or where the air vent is aimed.  

Any way you slice it, taking a road trip is the best. You’re in for long conversations, fantastic scenery and adventures of a lifetime. A little advance planning and packing of the right road trip essentials puts you in the driver seat to enjoy your journey even more. Safe travels!

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